Disabling multitasking on iOS 4 apps

If you’re using the iOS 4 SDK then by default your app will be assumed to support multitasking even though you actually need to add support for it and you might not have done that (e.g. updating an old application). While multitasking seems nice it isn’t always the best scenario for your app, specially when debugging an app and you wish there was an easier way to kill the app or when the app requires some sort of persistent session with a web service. Something I’ve been stressing about for a while now, and today I finally found the solution.

So, if your app isn’t supposed to use multitasking at all or if you simply wish to disable it during development or debugging, all you’ve to do is to edit your project’s info.plist and depending on how you’re editing it:

  • Raw text editor
    Add a property named “UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend” and set it’s value to ‘Yes’
  • The XCode GUI plist editor
    Add a new row and select “Application does not run in background” (or type “UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend”) and then toggle the checkbox

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