Jobs & Projects

Here’s a list of stuff I’ve worked on, either personally or professionally, without any particular order:

  • iAdSense
    An application to display Google Adsense reports on the iPhone.
  • Restaunet
    A vertical portal about gastronomy and restaurants.
    Wide Solutions, Lda in Portugal
  • ISCTE – Master in International Management
    A class and documents management system for a department on a Portuguese university.
    Wide Solutions, Lda in Portugal
  • Electricity Quiz
    A quiz game available at a touch screen kiosk at the Portuguese Museum of Electricity.
    Wide Solutions, Lda in Portugal
  • ePortal
    A site builder based on ASP3 and later ASP.Net to create eCommerce sites and online stores.
    Object Factory, Lda in Portugal
  • WebMagic
    WYSIWYG, Drag & Drop and web-based ASP.Net editor and site manager.
    Only Path, SA in Portugal
  • Carlife
    A site and backoffice for a Portuguese franchising.
    Only Path, SA in Portugal
  • Misc
    Several sites (some were terminated) like,,, and
    Only Path, SA in Portugal
  • AlicantOS
    A business oriented web desktop and operating system.
    Barros Technologies, Ltd in London, U.K.
  • Mono
    As a fan and user I’ve done several contributions, bug fixes and even some new features most notably on MonoDevelop.
    A playground for some improvements I’ve in mind to the current Monodoc versions.
  • Forum Pilão
    A private forum for students and ex-students of my school.