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Windows Vista and WinFX is on his way, but taking too long. Meanwhile it seems like Redmond guys are trying to tell their fans they are still alive and trying to convince us that the delay is worth.

Microsoft Max is not one more Microsoft product: «Microsoft® Codename Max is not like any other product. That’s because it’s not a product». Thats what they say… Anyway, imagine you can share your photos, movies and documents in a easy P2P way. Organize your photos in albums, take some notes and send an invitation. When your friends come online, and accept the invitation, they’ll get all the contents using P2P. Easy like that… and works on XP too.
After seeing a bit of this movie I’ve to admit, one more time, that the visual of Vista is becoming something amazing. They show a great deal of effects avaible in Avalon that will make every Linux user to screem for it. Or not… There are at least two projects that are trying to bring this kind of experience to Linux world, they are: Luminocity and XGL. Once one of the projects is ready, maybe with the help of Cairo and Glitz, we’ll surely have a better desktop with accelerated graphics and all those cool effects. The problem is that Avalon and Windows will get full support from graphic card manufacturers…

Next thing I noticed about Max is that it is clearly targeting some success stories of opensource projects. It seems to me that Max is a mix of F-Spot and Novell iFolder or Bittorrent. They seem to be using the main idea of this projects, F-Spot because it fills a gap in the photo management software, which Microsoft hadn’t targeted before (does that XP slide view count? lol), and the success of sharing that some P2P clients are getting, namely AllPeers.

They trying to fill the gaps and really trying to recover from the bad image they have had in last years, but are those measures enough? Will Linux stand to THAT power? Doesn’t that dog in the picture look like Beagle? Hmmmm…..

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  1. I see another (and older) source of inspiration for Vista’s photo app: BrilliantPhoto:

  2. […] As I previously posted here comparing to Vista, Novell is working on an extension to that would allow any X application to be rendered using the 2D/3D
    accelerated graphics features, improving both users experience and allowing us such things as 3D windows, real 3D buttons, true transparency, etc…. […]

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