Fedora/Livna Problems With NVidia Cards And How To Enable SLI

For some strange reason my box’s Xorg stopped working after a clean install and installation of the handy NVidia packages from Livna. The box would boot but when it was time to enable X it just flickered 10-20 times and a console login appeared. With some luck the problem was easy to fix, I just needed to add a line to /etc/X11/xorg.conf under the “Device” section:

BusID  “PCI:1:0:0”

While at it I decided to check if I remembered correctly that NVidia had added SLI support to it’s Linux drivers. It turns out it did and it works great :)

If you want to enable SLI the NVidia Display Settings application will be useless. You need to run:

/usr/sbin/nvidia-xconfig –sli=on

Or, if you are planning on editing xorg.conf then just add this line under the “Screen” section:

Option         “SLI” “on”

After a Xorg restart the NVidia Display Settings should display the 2 GPUs under the “X Screen 0” (before it would should just 1 althouth it would display thermal data for all GPUs). It looks like it also adds a “Enable SLI HUD” under the OpenGL Settings but I couldn’t really see the effect yet 😛

PS: Looks like this boot problem is a NVidia Driver problem without ETA to be solved (info from NVidia forums).

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