The universal package manager

After a while in Linux world, I come to see there are too many package managers, each one with it’s own policy, and supporters. For instance, as I use FC, I use yum by default. Yet, apt/synaptic is my proffered choice. Exception for some things those fit my needs.

Yet, there are 2 things I think are missing in package management world. Source-based installations, and simple FTP repositories. I’m simply tired of complex things to manage my source-based installations, and I hate when some application isn’t packaged in a apt/yum repository and I need to do manual download, dependency checking and install everything.

Don’t get this as a promise, but I’m planning to do a new package management system. If I do it, here are the things I hope to do:

* Use apt/yum/others, to get packages information.
* Implement a way, similar to yum, of getting rpm headers from simple ftp/http directories.
* Put everything together in one place, so there could be a unified view of every package I’ve at my disposal.

The main problem with this could be the dependency checking. Yet all could be solved the hard way, implementing it myself, or the soft way, creating a local fake yum repository with the headers so yum solved my dependencies.

The next big thing, is to enable rpm-based distro users to manager their source-based installations. To do that, I’ll study the installwatch application which promises to record every operation during a “make install”, giving me the results, and allowing me to save the changes, so my package manager could uninstall it later. This could be done directly my package manager console, so the user only have to do everything in that console. In fact there could be other advantages of this, like recording the user options and commands, so it could update the application when a new tarball is released, and another nice thing to big build processes is to record the output of building, analyse the patterns, so the next time we build, it can show us a nice “Remaining Time: XX:YY”.

I don’t know if I’ll get the mod for this, but maybe I’ll do it and give mono a little more influence in Linux world :)

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