Google to Acquire AdMob

Today when I checked my mail I received the not so surprising news that Google was about gobble up AdMob. It’s not surprising because most Google advertising products were acquired from someone else and I was seeing a serious hole in Google’s mobile advertisement solutions. I think, as a publisher and occasional AdMob advertiser, that this will be good to all iPhone developers, having Google behind can only mean a lot more ads to be displayed as well as new features and better targeting options.

On the other hand, I can see Google having even more access to private information, specially taking into account recent news about iPhone applications stealing private information about the users including their cellphone numbers. I mean, I’ve used tracking codes in the past but I think using the device id is as far as one should go as to violate the user’s privacy. Sure it’s not completely traceable to the user but its not completely untraceable either, unfortunately its the easiest way to get decent stats for app usage.

Anyway, back to subject, just Google did when acquiring Double Click I can only expect Google to integrate its newly acquired AdMob tools into AdWords and AdSense in a couple years, this will be a much easier way to manage ads and earnings and hopefully everybody will win and be happier, unless you’re Microsoft or Yahoo of course in which case it means Google market share can only go up.

The deal was for $750 million and you can read the press release on their site.

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