Suspending Linux

Presently to suspend you desktop or laptop you only have two options. The stock swsup that comes with the kernel and Suspend 2.

Swsusp never worked for me, on the other hand Suspend 2 does a great job providing me an hibernation like experience with graphical suspend and resume phases.

The sad thing is that now that Nigel (Suspend 2 owner) has completed it and have managed to introduce the changes that would be needed to fulfill the main kernel policies, there are some people like Pavel that don’t want it included. Their reasons are something like: we are doing this stuff all over again, we wish to redo suspend in a userspace way. Meanwhile we’ll be wainting a few months or years to get that and they don’t want to admit Nigel’s job was a great job and that it works!

This is the kind of sincerity that makes Linux to stay back in the Desktop. If they don’t include suspend2 and we’ll be waiting  months or years to get it, that means Linux won’t be ready for Desktop until then – at least for laptop users like me, I own 3 and suspending is a strong need.

Pretty sad.

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