The future looks promising

Every time a new Gnome or Fedora release is close to be release I get exited. This time is not different and it will carry very good news to Mono.

First, Fedora Core 5 will release Mono, F-spot and Beagle. Unlike the previous versions it won’t be optimized for i386 anymore, instead it will be optimized for pentium4 and using gcc 4.1.0 promising big performance improvements. It will also include GNOME 2.14.

GNOME 2.14, according to this has been receiving a lot of love, not by the ‘usual’ hackers, but by the «speed kings». According to the article and the charts it will be much faster than before, specially the font rendering that was slow as hell. Metacity, Evolution and GEdit have new nice features also, but the most impressive are the Deskbar and Nautilus search integration both Beagle enabled.

This means that both Fedora and the Gnome communities are taking Mono applications seriously and that Mono is here to stay. Afaik there is nothing in GNOME that integrates with a Java application, even when thats completly optional. I do not wish to start another Java vs Mono on GNOME flamewar… but we are winning!

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One Response to “The future looks promising”

  1. Paulo Pires says:

    i would prefer to see this “improvements” in the next SuSE OSS release 😀

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