The lazy sunday

It’s amazing how difficult it is to stop working even on Sundays. Hehe.

I’ve been running with some problems with my subversion repository. The most anoying one seems like a subversion bug to me. Subversion, for some unknow reason, keeps some files at an older revision – in fact the files are updated but the subversion admin folder copies aren’t updated or well updated. So, from time to time, I need to delete that folder :(

Another problem I’ve been dealing with is that big commits/operations, fail some times. I didn’t knew why, I just  had a connection failure. After a while thinking I decided to enable keep-alive in my apache configuration. The results were amazing – no more failures until now, and the performance seems to have doubled.

Another  I’ve been dealing today is one of the main problems of Ajax based applications, Google. AFAIK search engines do not parse/execute javascript, so a Javascript/Ajax based content wouldn’t show on search results.

The solution I found is pretty simple. In link/button I keep the “href” property pointing into a permlink or some other page that, based on page arguments, will display the correct content. Search engines will follow that. Since we wish clients not to, we only need to add a return false inside the onclick event. Problem solved :)

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One Response to “The lazy sunday”

  1. Laurent Debacker says:

    As a student, I’m pretty used to work on Sunday, in fact I work more on Saturday and Sunday than
    others days. Feel lucking you’re no longer forced to 😉

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