Good news to Monodevelop

While anwsering to a mailinglist discussion I come to realise that SharpDevelop license has been changed to LGPL. The change applies to SharpDevelop2 builds and forward. So, the SharpDevelop 1.x code is still GPL but if you use newer code you can use LGPL.

SharpDevelop2 is currently in Beta 1 stage, but from what I’ve seen it should be kickass :) So… time to get our hands on that C# 2.0 parser and merge it into MonoDevelop – isn’t it?

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6 Responses to “Good news to Monodevelop”

  1. Daniel Grunwald says:

    Yes, we should share the C# and VB parser library (it’s one AST for both languages). And then extract the code-completion stuff (Resolver) from the main SharpDevelop project into another
    library. I rewrote the resolver in SharpDevelop2 to support “Go to definition” and “Find references”, a prerequisite for refactoring, and added support for code-completion on constructed types
    (List a; a[0]. will show the members of string). When we use a common parser library, we should share that code, too.

    Currently there’s nothing Windows.Forms specific in the resolver code,
    but its in the main assembly and it is a bit of work to separate it from the Windows.Forms-specific code. I planned to do that for SharpDevelop 2.1 anyways, so you can also get the code-completion
    library if you wait ~1 month (I’m busy with other things right now).

  2. Daniel Alves says:

    Can I just say one thing? I have tested the current SharpDevelop2 and the
    MonoDevelop 0.9 and I see that there is none compatibility merging the projects of either, at last I did not see it. So what would be done? The MD will use the same format like VS and SD or someone
    will write a converter to either formats?

    One more thing, who is working on the Tao libs? I need to talk to him because of a binding that could cause errors and I have wrote a fa?.ยงade for it
    that is cool to use and I am thinking to open the source too, it uses the Tao.Ode.

  3. alexmipego says:

    The problem/subject isn’t the
    project file or something like that. I was talking about the C# parser (completion, refactory and such things). That is platform idependent and need only a small changes.

    About the Tao.Ode
    maintainer, his name is “terry”. Check the Authors file in subversion to get a full list.

  4. Daniel Grunwald says:

    The parser library (ICSharpCode.NRefactory) is an independent library, it does not reference any of the
    SharpDevelop libraries.
    Code completion currently is dependent on the project system, but this is easy to change, in the next month I’ll move the resolver (+reference finding, etc.) code to
    another independent library.

  5. Daniel Alves says:

    Thanks for the answer about the Tao! And
    I know that the parser is an independent library. I just get the oportunity to ask a little thing ๐Ÿ˜€

    You don’t need to be anger! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I am just asking because I have used the SD and MD
    and I liked very much. So, how this two projects came from the same sources initially I just think that could have a compatibility in either.

  6. Daniel Grunwald says:

    If anyone is still reading this:
    SharpDevelop 2.1 has a new assembly “ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Dom”. This assembly contains the C# and VB resolver and other
    code-completion related code. Dependencies: ICSharpCode.NRefactory and Mono.Cecil.
    Eliminated dependencies: System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms

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