Suse review part 2

Well, after a while playing with Suse, the (previously) notable distro, I’ve to say I’m seriously disappointed with it.

The first problem is that I can only use my pen when the pen is plugged at boot time, if I plug it after that I need to mount it in the terminal because Suse keeps saying it can’t mount it because there’s no entry in /etc/fstab… stange. But the biggest problem was that it destroyed my pen’s filesystem and I don’t know why… anyway, after I formated it again with vfat it didn’t happen again so I don’t know how to reproduce the bug.

The other problem is with my usb bluetooth adapter. It configures it pretty well, no problems at all, and Yast does a great job configuring the services and other bluetooth options – in Fedora I was used to do that by hand so I know the work it saves me. I was hopping that the Yast configuration options were an announcement of a Windows-like bluetooth user experience, it even had the gnome-bluetooth-* applications to integrate in the panel. I was wrogn, when I send a file from my Nokia’s mobile I don’t see any popup asking for the pin (as I configured in Yast), and I don’t know where the hell the files are going. I just knew they were fully sent. Google…. Google…. ok, they are in /var/lib/bluetooth, a folder where all files are sent to and where the users have no permissions but to read… Strange… yet the biggest problem is to send a file, in Fedora I had nautilus integration so I just right-clicked a file a had the option to send something by bluetooth.

Well, another nice thing I was willing to try was the suspend option… I usually use my laptop, but I’ve installed Suse on my girlfriend’s new desktop… it were supposed to work or the option shouldn’t be there. Well…. nothing happens. (dot) At least it should raise an error message or something… or the option shouldn’t be there at all.

So, the applications are there, nearly the same thing, but Bluetooth doesn’t really work as expected… A pen doesn’t work as expected… Suspend doesn’t work as expected… A distro that doesn’t work as expected…

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  1. Erik Dasque says:

    So no surprise, heh

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