Small cleanup on my blog

Well, if you happen to read portuguese and read some of the few last posts, they are no more readable. I’ve deleted them because they are too depressing, the subject didn’t really deserve the honor (cof cof) to be here and stand to the time. There are things that are better death, in fact they shouldn’t even been born…

I’ve not been much of a blogger lately, nor I’ve been doing what I really like to do, for instance, I miss contributing to Mono and using Linux again, as I’ve been trapped in a Windows box, too depressed to configure my Linux box. It’s time to recover the time wasted in useless matters and people, and it’s time to be what I once were but am no more, an Hacker.

So, I’ve done an “Action Plan”, work, work, work, work, and… let me check the list… ha! more work! But there will be fun too :) Plenty of it.

The first thing I need to get done is to recover some lost time in ePortal. Then comes Mono, I hope to restart contributing to it (finally) by porting ePortal. In the end I guess a decent ASP.Net designer will be born – I mean it, I never released it, but I’ve a draft explaining why ASPNetEdit sucks hard and people really think it will get anywhere soon. Finally is to find a way of “honoring” what I really like and won’t let me down no matter what happens, The Corrs 😛 I would really like to go to a concert and do a website about them.

And I will try to post more often, not that anyone actually reads this, lol.

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