HELP! I’m an Object Factory!

It has been a week since my last post, I’ve been coding on ePortal WYSIWYG ASP.Net editor, like a mad man and almost had no time either to family or friends. Anyway, the progress is amazing and when the product gets released I’ll try to do some work porting it to GTK# so we can release a Desktop version for Linux.Doing an ASP.Net editor isn’t an easy task, there are many things to do and most of them won’t work without completing the others. This happens because Microsoft .Net releases all the interfaces you migh need, because you need them to develop a Visual Studio-enabled control, but they do not release any implementations – except for Windows Forms where they do have something.

I’ve taken a look at Mono’s aspneteditor but I’ve found that most of that code (except the mozilla-related code) is based in this article. Even reading the aspneteditor and the article I’ve done everything on my own because either the aspneteditor or the article had some flaws and/or proof-of-concept-like code which is not acceptable to a production product.

I’vent checked Mono’s source code yet, but based on aspneteditor code and comments there are a lot of missing implementations related to the default webcontrols design-time support. That’s something I hope to test, even with ePortal (web application), on Mono and see the results. From there, it might be just bug reporting and implementing some stuff I’m feeling confortable with.

Another thing that has suprised me in the last days, and made me to do a big refactoring, was that JavaScript is a very powerful language and even has support for Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Thats a dark subject to many Javascript coders, I think, but it is really simple, even because it is not a full-blow OOP language. You can only create objects with the new keyword and make them have variables, methods and a constructor. If you’re interrested on the subject here’s a nice reading: Javascript OOP Part 1 and Javascript OOP Part 2.

Turns out that I’m now using 100% objects either in server or client side programming.So as the title states – I’m an Object Factory! Which turns to be the company name which I work for. (Title explained, LOL)

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2 Responses to “HELP! I’m an Object Factory!”

  1. Hi,
    Could you give me some pointers on the “flaws” in
    aspnetedit, so that I can fix them? Thank you.

    I look forward to seeing your work :-)

  2. alexmipego says:

    Hi Michael,

    First, by no
    means I wish to tell the world that your work is bad or even that it isn’t a great start.

    The point is that you’re still ahead of my work in some places but it isn’t my current job to do a
    developer purposed ASP.Net Ide.

    Differences aside you’ve a great base but there are some flaws that you’ll sooner or later find. They are mostly related to the extensibility of your work
    like support more UI interfaces (MWF and Web) and support another object types. In some places you are mixing this and I know it isn’t always your fault, Microsoft itself designed the things with
    MWF in mind.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that I cannot give you too much detail by now, my application is currently close-source but I expect to open some parts later – and even work with you then if
    you will.

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