Xming – Copy/Paste And Alt+Tab Problems

I couldn’t copy paste between Windows and Xming even with the -clipboard argument on XLaunch or the command line. After some research (and seeing some other boxes did in fact had this working) I found this forum post that correctly and successfully fixed my problem:

Modify /etc/gdm/custom.conf and either add or change the following:


Then make sure to restart gdm (gdm-restart on a terminal)

While trying to figure out the problem I also came accross a few useful tips/solutions for some problems. As a result I added:

+bs -wm -nowinkill -keyhook

to the Xming options. The first two are supposed to improve image rendering performance, specially on graphic intensive applications (read firefox… not 3D games) which seems to actually improve it :) The other two options, enable me to correctly Alt-Tab between applications inside the Xming desktop. It was a pain having to remap the Alt+Tab on gnome just for this.

My concern was how to get to the Windows desktop if (according to the keyhook manual description) all keys were directed to the Xming desktop, luckily there’s a fail-safe (2 in fact), Control+Esc and Alt+Esc. Alt+Esc is my preferred short cut as it actually behaves similar to Alt+Tab, switching to the previously focused window and can be pressed multiple times with the expected Alt+Tab result without the icons popup.

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9 Responses to “Xming – Copy/Paste And Alt+Tab Problems”

  1. Axel Werner says:

    thanks a lot for sharing! works fine for me!

  2. Jogarem says:


    Works great for me in my coLinux Machine
    Yor’re the man !


  3. Xavier says:

    A god send…

  4. jacques says:

    Thankssssss !

  5. ujjwalkp says:

    For me on ubuntu, it can just switch two windows with above options, if i keep alt tab presses to see what all window are open, it switched back to windows. Any ideas ?

  6. alexmipego says:

    Nop, no idea, I don’t use XMing on a long time anyway.

  7. tk says:

    This /etc/gdm/custom.conf file on Solaris machne is not there. There is no /etc/gdm in fact.
    I am using the xming from PC to run X application from a Solaris machine and I still have the copy and paste issue with it.
    Do you know how to fix it ?

  8. muneer says:

    same problem as tk. no /etc/gdm on solaris. i am stuck with copy paste issue

  9. Sam says:

    Really helpful.

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