Driverless Gadgets

One of the most boring things when I buy some new keyboard or mouse is that they all include a CD with some software. Apart from the manual and somtimes an (useless) application the drivers inside add little to the default Windows/Linux drivers. At the same time I can buy a pen for 10€ or less, I can even find several gadgets with integrated memory even when that has nothing todo with the gadget functionality.

This makes me wonder why there aren’t more gadgets (the only I know is my 3G modem) that include the drivers natively in the gadget. Wouldn’t it be great if your graphics card, scanner, printer, mice and keyboards all had this without the need for CDs that pile up and you never find if you need them again? In fact a CD with drivers noadays is totaly worthless, manufacturers release updates for their drivers every 6 months or so… what am I going to do? Burn new CDs for every new release?

What I’m thinking is totaly possible within the hardware constraits we’ve today and with some standards and more or less effort between OS and hardware manufacturers this could open a whole new era to drivers. This could make it easier and more attractive to hardware manufacturers to produce Linux drivers… wouldn’t it be just great?

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