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About this tutorial

Learn about Chipmunk Physics Engine and how to start developing games for the iPhone and other platforms.


  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
  3. Basic Concepts
  4. Initializing Chipmunk
  5. Defining the ball's body and shapes
  6. Tracking the ball's movements
  7. Defining the floor's body and shapes
  8. Evaluating the results & Conclusion
  9. Download the complete project

Download the Article's Code

Thanks for reading the article or maybe you're still reading it and need some help, no worries! You can download the complete project file, ready to be opened, compiled and deployed by XCode in here.

While you download

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While this was a fun project and a personal hobbie, it would help in many ways like supporting the server and spend the time needed to write more, trust me, it takes a lot of time and work to do one of these.

Creating your own game?

If learned from this article how to create your own game and then publish, let me know! I would love to know all about it and perhaps even create a link gallery one day! You can easily use the contacts page.






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