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Building libpng


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linanim aims to provide support for animated file formats, including APNG and GIF, on the iOS and other platforms. Currently it’s on the first stages of development and shouldn’t be used in production environments.

See it in action
The image standing still is a UIImageView while the one jumping up and down is a OpenGL texture applied to the XCode's default OpenGL template.

Read the announcement at my blog
While without too many technical details it provides some more background and insight into the project.


libanim is currently licensed under the MIT license.


  • Support APNG, GIF, MNG and other formats
  • Output as OpenGL textures (needs some color space expert to tune)
  • Output to CGImageRef and UIImage (needs color space expert to tune)
  • APNG blending modes
  • Better animation support (currently assumes a static delay for all frames)
  • Pluggable renderer support (to easily add new output types)